the market says…

Recent comment from Martin Naarendorp, thanks Martin.

‘Nice one Monica…
The market say’s…
The market is free
Who is ‘the Market’?

A bear market is one that cannot rise even on good news.
A bull market climbs a wall of worry.
A bull market is one that can shake off bad news.
A rising tide lifts all boats.  [or yachts]

As goes January, so goes the year.
As goes the first week of January, so goes the month, and so goes the year.’ Follow this link for the full version of Martin’s comment.

Follow this link to the project’s facebook page

the market says is a project which invites you to give the market alternative voices and emotions – think slogans, pithy sayings, aphorisms, admonishing or peppy rally cries. The resulting statements will be displayed on a moving text display in a commercial area as part of The Market Studios event Namarama and within the Namarama exhibition.

In the media ‘the market’ seems always to be represented and to represent itself as embodied, sentient and emotional, as Slavoj Žižek has described it a systeme of economic exchanges driven by ‘beliefs about other peoples beliefs’. Essentially human risk taking behaviour based on collective hunches. Why are the people and companies involved in this behaviour able to so influence our circumstances and why in the current climate should ‘the market’ take precident over human and social needs?

Could our own consumer behaviour influence it to any great extent?

Setting aside wheather or not we agree with the ideology that is part of the entity called ‘the market’ how might we embody or reclaim its voice or embody ‘the market’ differently?

This is project is part of ongoing research that I’m doing on alternative economic models and forms of exchange.  It also springs from personal attempts at living differently.


Possible examples:

‘The market says, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’
‘The market says, riches have wings.’


About Monica Flynn, visual artist, organiser, cultural freelancer

My work encompasses drawing, audio-visual media, photography and text, which I present as portraiture; staged events and as works co-authored with the audience. I also work in the area of event management, CPD for visual artists and as a freelance cultural project manager. One strand within my work at present reflects on groups and group action and the creation of events and happenings where I can engage others in dialogue or shared experience. At its core this work aims to explore the connections between the individual, the collective and our belief systems. Asking questions about collective agency and how we think and work in concert. I occasionally write responses to other artists’ works which can be found on my blog. I am a co-founder and board member of The Market Studios with Claire Behan and Deirdre Morrissey.
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