Welcome to Nelly’s room, this blog is a gathering place for the various essays I’ve been writing on the topic of contemporary art.

The title refers to my childhood name for a place where lost items could be found spirited away, but also for me a place of imagination and escape.  A place which still has resonance with my creative endeavours as a visual artist who has found it hard to maker her work visible.

The title also  seemed appropriate to where I currently find myself with my writing i.e. wanting to share ideas but needing to create a safe space and so I am inviting readers in to this room of my own.  This room of my own also referring to feminist concerns that are a back drop and sometimes more overtly expressed in my writing.

Until now writing has been a private activity but this space will hopefully provide an opportunity for dialogue and exchange and I welcome any responses to the thoughts and ideas presented here.


3 Responses to About

  1. Philip Lococo says:

    The name Nelly’s Room brings to my mind when I was four years old 1944
    my DAD saying to me when I asked if I could come with him because I wanted to
    be with him. He said no because it was a place Behind the Wallpaper and I couldn’t
    get there from where I was. I’ve just looked it up on the internet to see
    whether there was any reference. Dad was a hardworking wholesale grocer in pre end of war Niagara Falls Ontario Canada I’m now truly fascinated with his reference since he only had a grade 5 education but seemed incredibly smart in my young mind . I’m glad I found you,

  2. Philip Lococo says:

    GREAT I wish all the best for you in that magical place. Self assurance reliance and happiness

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