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About Monica Flynn, visual artist, organiser, cultural freelancer

My work encompasses drawing, audio-visual media, photography and text, which I present as portraiture; staged events and as works co-authored with the audience. I also work in the area of event management, CPD for visual artists and as a freelance cultural project manager. One strand within my work at present reflects on groups and group action and the creation of events and happenings where I can engage others in dialogue or shared experience. At its core this work aims to explore the connections between the individual, the collective and our belief systems. Asking questions about collective agency and how we think and work in concert. I occasionally write responses to other artists’ works which can be found on my blog. I am a co-founder and board member of The Market Studios with Claire Behan and Deirdre Morrissey.

The professional, the amateur, the enthusiast and various shades of…

In the last couple of weeks (under both artist and arts manager hats) I’ve had several conversations about artist’s fees; being paid to make new work; how public funding does or doesn’t support the process of developing new work and … Continue reading

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The Hoard

A launch into group reading again last night thanks to Catherine Barragry for getting things started.  The Call of the Hoard, Jane Bennett’s talk at Vera List Centre, brought up lots of similar interests for Catherine, Ciara and I. This is just a loose collection of notes … Continue reading

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The Center for Genomic Gastronomy

Interesting speakers in Dublin soon, Zack Denfeld and Cat Kramer from The Centre for Genomic Gastronomy will present at TEDx Dublin 22 Nov, 2011 The Center for Genomic Gastronomy –  an independent research institute engaged in exploring, examining and understanding … Continue reading

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the market says…

Recent comment from Martin Naarendorp, thanks Martin. ‘Nice one Monica… The market say’s… The market is free Who is ‘the Market’? A bear market is one that cannot rise even on good news. A bull market climbs a wall of … Continue reading

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The fractured self

An email dialogue with the artist Cecilia Bullo and some unresolved thoughts.  This text accompanies Cecilia Bullo’s exhibition The Fractured Self , running 28 May – 13 June, 2010 @ The Market Studios, Dublin 7. Monica Flynn: Hi Cecilia, great … Continue reading

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Space and Collaboration

Monica Flynn interviews Rachel Brown and Brighdin Farren about their curatorial project Brown & Bri. An interview on behalf of the Visual Artists News Sheet, May-June 2010,published by Visual Artists Ireland.  All Images selected by Brown & Bri from the … Continue reading

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All places contain all others

Making worlds / Domhain á gCruthú, the 53rd Venice Biennale I’m aware that I’m writing this report following many reviews in both local and international art publications.  As a rule I generally try to avoid reading others reviews until I’ve … Continue reading

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